About Us_ 

Senior Accounts Executive 
Ayesha Satterwhite
Chief Commander 
Israel Satterwhite 
Senior Company Director 
Police Chief Antonio Stitt 
Company Director
Shalana Satterwhite

[Directed by A State of Ohio Licensed Private Investigator & Police Officer]


SIA Security provides professional Armed & Unarmed Security Guards, Off-Duty Police, Executive Protection, Loss Prevention, Canine, and Investigations on a Local, Regional, and National basis.  We incorporate these services with the direct customer attention and responsiveness associated with a local firm.

SIA Security is classified as a small business entity. Our team will comply with the necessary requirements of any Federal Agency by bringing together a highly qualified combination of personnel, experience, and resources that both meet and exceed those agency’s objectives. We use a proven method of strategic planning and execution that integrates our solid history of guard services, administrative support, and program management into a practical, efficient, and cost effective solution. Our organizational structure provides for the oversight we believe is required to successfully manage and maintain a highly qualified and capable security force.

SIA Security is Co-Owned by Police Officer Shalana S. Satterwhite with over sixteen years in law-enforcement/security , Client Satisfaction Evaluation. 

Please call for more details about our full range of services and for a no-obligation assessment of your needs.